I am Orange

about 520 employees
more than 270 employees in Franchisee shops
partnerships with leading universities
annually 35-50 internships

Our employees have the opportunity to work in a friendly, comfortable and safe environment, improve skills and enjoy career growth through professional trainings and, be recognized and rewarded, enjoy one of the best social packages and contribute to the development of a large international group.

Orange recruitment policy
  • equal opportunity for all, regardless of religious, ethnic, sexual, age and other orientation
  • diversity as a key factor to success
  • talent and motivation of the candidate as a major feature

our values


We take the time to listen. We treat everyone as individuals. We enjoy working and succeeding together.

understanding our customers

it's our customers that make us tick. We listen to them. We take notice of how they live their lives and how they use our products and services.


We are direct and easy to understand. We keep things simple. We focus only on what’s important.


We are open. We say what we do and we do what we say. We are happy to share.


We are brave. We dare to do things differently, to find a better way. We give color to all that we do.


We are passionate, confident and focused on the future. We push the boundaries. We make a difference to people’s lives.